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in this society what will you be but honour-bound

1/18/07 10:35 pm - chija

“You’re excused”, Jonathan answered with played generosity, then he himself turned and disappeared up the stairs. He would meet Rebecca soon enough, there was no need for him to see her now.

A little more than two hours later they all joined again at the beautifully set dinner table. Rebecca, sitting at the top of the table with her brother on her left and Ian on her right side, greeted her guest again formally and wished them a pleasant stay, before the soup was served. She had made sure Tristan and his brother would have an appropriate welcome.

12/29/06 12:30 am - chija

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12/28/06 12:14 am - chatona

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12/25/06 11:03 pm - chija

Lady Rebecca Bolton really was a beauty...Collapse )
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